Visual Identity and Art Direction

Political festival of Europe will be a European democratic assembly, that can gather all European nations, both within and outside of the EU.
An annual event, with political debates and events, alongside cultural features, catching the interest of the Europeans, to strengthen the democratic dialogue between the European nations.

By creating different, informal platforms for debates and dialogues, with the purpose of offering insights into present challenges, for the participants. The cultural content has the purpose of strengthening the fellowship, by gathering the general population. 

The vision is to “peoplelize” European politics and become a platform, where we strengthen democracy and unity in Europe. 

Their first event will be in August 2022 in Mariager, Denmark - check them out!

pfoe logo varianter
brochure layout
logo animation

Political Festival of Europe aspires to become the political Olympic Games, where everyone has the possibility of participating in creating the future of Europe.

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