Brand Identity, Wayfinding and Art Direction 

Political Festival of Europe is an annual democracy festival that serves as a platform for democratic dialogue about the most pressing issues on the European agenda. 
In addition to the political events, the festival is also a place that celebrates the rich and diverse culture and heritage of Europe.
Since their launch in 2022 PFoE recognized the need to refine their identity to reflect their mission even more. A clear brand and tools to visualize who they are and create what they want to become. 
Targeted at the diverse festival and their misson, a visual universe takes form. A flexible wireframe to embrace the great variety of content. A playful colour palette where each colour combined with it’s icon represents a theme at the festival to create targeted communication.
At the core of the brand identity is the graphic element. An outline of the town area to illustrate the history of the sector and where the festival is taking place. 
As PFoE moves to new destinations, the outline will be recreated, honoring each location and creating a connection and belonging for both participants and host communities.

From the brand identity to the festivals appearance through way finding, merchandise and advertising. We wanted to create something different to welcome the people, the different views on politics and embrace democracy. 

Photo: Political Festival of Europe mediabank
Jewellery Design: Helga Winther

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