Brand Identity and Art Direction 

Learnmark Horsens - Denmark, is one of the city’s largest educational institutions offering 10th grade, upper secondary education and a vast variety of further education. 
They thrive to educate, train and develop talent for tomorrow’s business and industry, that is the pillar of all education.
I partnered up with Learnmark Horsens to recreate their brand identity and developing a more suitable and inspiriting tool kid for better options and communication on their platforms. While focusing on the students, the wide range of educational opportunities, possibilities and diversity.
The solution, a bold and dynamic brand identity build around the different educations. It was designed on a playful and flexible framework, making it easier for the marketing team to communicate to the individual program or student. 
The new identity is tailored to capture the needs of its various audiences. Creating a wide colour palette setting the right visual tone when communicating to the specific education, and the institution as a whole. 
Graphic elements and effects are used to capture and highlight sections, information and create attention which can be used across the platforms customized to the specific target group/department. 

Photo credit: Learnmark Horsens
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