Product Design and Art Direction

People no longer listen. We no longer listen to one another. We’re busy with Social Media more now than we listen to out children. We no longer listen to our bodies when we get stressed and actually need a break. And, very often, we don’t really take the time to listen to music. Except for a form of background noise that fills the air 24/7. And that’s such a pity!

That’s the concept behind this campaign. Sound affects our flavors so we created this cart where people can stop by, get a free coffee and listen to some nice tunes that’s going to give them a unique experience. 

The carts will be placed at different music related events/locations around Europe the summer of 2019. 
So if you spot it somewhere - please send me a photo§ 

Colab: MKTG Danmark x Hifi Klubben x La Cabra

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