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Brand Identity, Webdesign and Art Direction

It's no surprise that accounting isn't a hot topic for a lot of people. For many, it's unknown territory that most of us prefer to avoid.

One of Fink Revisions' missions is to make their world more understandable and transparent. They specializes in niche fields such as musicians, culture, creatives, freelancers, and many others.
Fink Revision, founded by Uffe Fink (my accountant), who, among many other pursuits, has a great understanding of the creative industry from his years as a musician.

One of the top priorities for the new identity and website was to create an easily navigable and informative space. It functions as a simplified reference platform, where they communicate in human language, so you actually have a chance to understand the madness. 

The website draws inspiration from the music industry. It shows in the call-to-action sections across the page and the logo is inspired by the spray painted band names found on flight cases. These are some of the elements that exudes a relaxed feel, an unconventional shift from the typical associations with subjects like accounting, taxes, and appendices.
An important focus was to visualize the office, the team and the creative industries to communicate and engage with the target audience.

OH! And the best part. I got him a bunch of temporary tattoos featuring the new logo for his birthday and the company anniversary. Best.present.ever.

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