Brand Identity and Art Direction 

#AARsome Townhall November 1st
We hosted the biggest #AARsome Townhall yet - 300 entrepreneurs and friends of the startup scene were gathered in Ridehuset Aarhus. 
Inspirational talks from the best and brightest entrepreneurs from Aarhus. Pitches from some of the coolest local startups and intense networking opportunities. 
The mission of #AARsome Townhall is to connect and grow the startup community in Aarhus, Denmark. There are plenty of opportunity to network, bump into old friends. You might meet your next hire, partner, investor or future co-founder. 
For each Townhall event we facilitated the location, theme and feel where different. All the branding material for the individual events were customized to the location, talks and theme.  
I was an active part of these events, the planning and facilitation, while being a member of the Culture Workspace team.
If interested organization and events still exist, they are lead by Startup Aarhus

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